Friday Finest.

05 April 2013

Friday Finest

>>> These coconut cream cupcakes look delicious.

<<< I want to go to France just to bring back the awesome things on Design Mom’s $5 souvenir list.

>>> E says perfectly what my biggest fear is for my children. I want them to be nice and likable.  It scares me how much I feel that impossibility lately.

<<< It’s like Janelle is living in my house.

>>> There is so much power in love, this story is so incredibly cool.


PS. I fully realize that I owe you stories about Asheville like how the Davester took us through a living Deliverance and almost made us all throw up.  Next week.  Pinkie swear.

HAPPY FRIDAY!  What do you have planned for this weekend?


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to hear the Deliverance story.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Oh Michelle, I just spent all my reading time checking out these links. Well done, friend, well done. I've been thinking it's been too long since I've baked, and now I want coconut cupcakes. I should bake them while dreaming of a vacation to France, apparently. And then I went from compassionately being moved by one post to laughing hysterically at another. (I can laugh, btw, because I raised one of those alien toddlers!)

Ashley said...

Hahaha! Did you totally hear banjos? Ya know...that's front porch music where I live at.

I have a recipe I really really need to email you!

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