Friday Finest.

08 March 2013

Because I like to share fun things with you.

>>> Hi, My name is Terra.  I’m six.  I’m a girl.  I’m a breakdancing badass. 

<<< a couple who found their baby on a subway

>>> I really love these engagement photos, so intimate and gorgeous.

<<< Dave and I are going to Mexico woo hoo, you can bet I’ll be using these tips to look flawless.

>>> This photograph is gorgeous.

Happy weekend to you, my peeps.


Jessica Sliman said...

OMG - that story about the couple finding the baby on the subway is amazing. What a happy way to start the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I think I remember reading and seeing pictures of the family in the subway story before and after their wedding, so I loved being able to read the story behind their son and his adoption!

Also, the breakdancing girl is AMAZING! I loved watching the judges faces as she preformed!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love your Friday links! :)

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