21 January 2010
Well, hello.  Hi.  Howdy.  Hiya.
I'm excited. 

Despite the fact that my two year old is sitting there crushing chips in his {now greasy} little hands and making a huge mess. 

So excited.
Even though my house is a little bit like a disaster hit, a whole lot more like a tornado came through.

I'm dancing around like a maniac, in fact.

It isn't even because the Davester and I got to spend a blissful night having a date.  A real live date that involved copius amounts of pinot noir. 

Well what is it then, you ask?

Because of her.  {Go on, click on the link, I'll wait.} 

My littlest {even though she towers over me} sister, the author of this post and subject of many, is joining us once a week here on So Wonderful, So Marvelous.  Oh yes, all of the collegy goodness you can handle every Friday starting tomorrow.  Lord knows what she's going to talk about.

I'm excited and proud to introduce you to

Now we just have to settle on a profile pic...

I hope you're as excited as I am.


Ashley said...

The third or the fifth. But love them all. So excited for you!!!

Amy said...

All I can say is AWESOME! Can't wait!

I also vote for the third or the fifth.

Elise said...

wow....you weren't kidding when you said you found the most embarrassing pictures possible. and i've never seen 4 of them. they define me quite well though

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