Grand Rapids, Michigan

15 October 2009
Despite the carding {I was informed by the lovely woman at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles that I was THREE days from having to retake my driving test.} incident, we had a fantastic time in Grand Rapids, Michigan visiting our good friends. The beach visit was freezing, but they are the hosts with the most and I hope they enjoyed the Two Buck Chuck and the $18 cupcakes that we brought as a small thank you gift.  I also hope they don't mind that I *just* realized that the oh so cute thank you card I bought at that great little shop in downtown Holland, in fact, is sitting right in front of me instead of on the dresser where I was meant to leave it.  {Popping it in the mail tomorrow!}  They richly deserve as many thanks as I can provide!  They were, after all putting up not only with a two year old with far too little sleep, but also the Davester was in rare form with the jokes.  Oh yeah, my husband is nothing if not the cheese devouring, Michael Scott of inappropriateness, when he has a few beers... did I mention we had dinner at the New Holland Brewery??  I really can't take him anywhere.  Ever.

Pssst.  Jen!  Next time, we'll do this again, though Dave might fight me on that since he had a great time talking to M in geek speak and carrying on like a lunatic.  Cheeeese fingers!


Ashley said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

On a side note, I left your blog up on the screen while I got a cup of coffee and Warren (the hubby) saw your picture and asked if you were my siamese blogger. I just gave him a WTF look and he said, "Well she looks like she could be your sister!"

I thought that was sweet of him. So obviously he's attracted to you since he thinks you look like me. Hmpf.

Michelle said...

Well my sister, then we're even because Dave has been hot for you since this comment.

I'm pretty sure it was the throbbing manhood comment that sealed the deal. HA!

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