Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

11 May 2008
Finn Bob Square Pants!

Ok, that was my hommage to SpongeBob. Anywho, dear readers, I have been hella busy as of late and I have been letting the blog go by the wayside. So are several posts all in a day to tickle your fancy...

Firstly, Finn is, at our pediatricians urging, working on his letters so I am currently working on a photobook for him. We're taking pictures of him with lots of different objects, the above picture is going to be p is for pineapple. I've been doing a lot of reading at http://www.montessorimom.com/ also so we're trying to introduce letters all in lowercase and instead of telling him the name of the letter, we're introducing it as a sound. For example, instead of saying "ES" for the letter S, you introduce it as the "SSSSS" sound. It never even crossed my mind to do it that way. Weird, but apparently it makes it easier for them when they start reading.

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Lisa Marie said...

Michelle I think it is awesome that you are starting him so young with his letters and all. Its so good for him. He will be one smart cookie!!! Good luck and keep it up!!! :)

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