It's pronounced /ˈkɒmpoʊst/.

01 May 2008
We are proudly composting! Here is the little bug, helping YKW put it together. We got a great deal on a compost bin at Sam's and so far so good...

And here is all of the brown matter we've added thanks to a garden clean out! Now we don't feel so bad about being slack asses about cleaning out the garden last fall. We were told to aim for a 3:1 ratio of brown to green. Seems pretty simple so far.

Have any composting hints and tips? Leave them in the comments!


schwartz said...

I need to let you borrow this book that this local, famous composter (Clink Mauk) wrote...simply brilliant! Ill drop it off one of these days (along with your check...finally found a note that I wrote myself to not forget it. Oops, the things you find when you move.)

Jackie said...

My friends in Oregon swear by worms. Way to go green!

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