Dear You Know Who, I'm really glad you didn't marry my sister.

29 May 2008
I never thought I'd get married. Really. It's true. I was an UBER-commitment-phobe when I met Dave. Don't get me wrong, I thought he was a great guy. So great that I tried to hook him up with my sister... it is now a running joke in our family that he could have ended up with the good sister, but he's stuck with me.

Well, anywho, the reason I am writing this is because a couple weeks ago he left me this on the keyboard in the morning:

And he left work a bit early on Wednesday to pick up Finn from me since I was at cheerleading and it was really difficult to concentrate on the things I needed to concentrate on.

And he is an amazing "DA!" He is Finnegan's hero and he changes diapers too. He is so patient and kind with him.

He works really really hard to provide for us, so that I can stay home with the bug, Dexter, and the poodle.

He just goes above and beyond to be fricken awesome. I don't even mind his stupid puns or horrendous Sean Connery impression.

He once (when I was very pregnant), drove some salsa (that I had forgotten) downtown to my friend. Happily delivered it while we were having a girls night out, turned around and drove back home. Some of that *may* have been his love for DentaLori, but I'd like to think it's mostly because he loves me.

About a week ago, I found my journal from when I turned 25 which was before I had even met Dave. Contained within its pages, along with all of my quarterlife crisis angst, was a list of everything I wanted in a partner and he embodies each of these. How many people get to have their "perfect on paper" mate walk into their lives? Not many.

It's for all of these seemingly insignificant reasons that I love you more and more each day.


Dave said...

Aw, thanks babe. I love you too, and I'm glad I didn't marry your sister ;) No offence, good sister.

Michelle said...

See people? He even reads my blog!

Lori said...

Awww, this just made me smile REALLY big!!! You two are sooo great together!!!

And I had totally forgotten about the salsa!!! So funny! Thanks Dave!!

Jackie said...

I never thought that M. would be the first to get married in our group but now I could not picture her any other way. rock!

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