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18 May 2008

This is quite possibly going to be ours on Wednesday. We've been on a mad search for a new dining room table and chairs for months and months. We haven't had much luck, mostly because we're both insanely picky when it comes to big purchases. This one is right there in the running, we're just thinking about it for a couple days.

What I love about it?
  • It is two toned black and natural medium wood, so it will go with the hardwood flooring in the dining room AND match our existing side table without looking matchy matchy.
  • It's big enough to seat EIGHT! OMG, this is quite possibly the best thing about the table. I can have decent dinner parties now! Remember, I am going to single handedly bring back the candlelight supper as an homage to Hyacinth.
  • It is counter height, which is a bit different than most tables.
  • The chairs are comfy!


Emily said...

Ooooooh! I like it!

Unknown said...

you two get the table yet???????

Michelle said...

Britt, are you going to volunteer your services to put it together with D? You did such a fantastic job with all of Finn's furniture. :-)

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