How does your garden grow?

27 May 2008
Well, I'm finally catching up on last weekends plant fest with some pictures of our gardening extravaganza. Dave and I both love to cook so we always plant herbs, but this year we decided to go the extra mile and throw in a vege or two.

Alas, always with the best of intentions, we tend to go a bit overboard. We headed to the farmers market and scooped up lavendar, basil, apple mint, lime mint, plain ole mint, 3 rosemary plants, thyme, some gorgeous dill, and parsley. Then we got two varieties of heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, red peppers, hot peppers, and cucumbers for good measure. Then, we headed out to Keils with Lyndsey and Britt to get the hook up on strawberries, romaine lettuce, and cantaloupe. As if we needed anything else, Britt gave us two different varieties of pumpkin seeds. Oh, and have I mentioned my little experiment with growing potatoes in a garbage can?

We now have more invested in this little garden than in Finn's college education, so I am hoping it works out and we don't end up with a pile of bunny chewed veges, weeds, and broken dreams.

Luckily, we went the container garden route this time so we didn't have to do too much soil prep, but we're thinking that next year we're going to have a lot of work with this crap clay soil around these parts.

Wish us luck... and maybe post some gardening tips so we don't fuck this up too badly.

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