Cinco de mayo with the killer of dreams.

06 May 2008
There are no words really for the way we spent cinco de mayo... only pictures.


Z and Pea "thong watch 2008"

Baby, I'd hop two rows just to meet you.

Oh where, oh where could my Jake be?

1 point nachos!

Two beers and little Huckleberry is on his way.

And last, but by far least, the killer of dreams and his beautiful wife.


schwartz said...

How fun! I am jealous that I didnt go now...but while you were all watching the Hens I was upping my May count, muhahahaha!!!

Amy said...

Oh yeah? Well, we were upping our count WHILE watching the Hens. So we win.

Lori said...

lol!! I'm jealous too - no hens and no upping my count. WTF is wrong w/me?!?!

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