In the market for a market?

11 May 2008

Meet me at the market.... if you're from the area, you've heard this jingle a million times. The market is officially open for the season and there are tons of filled tables.

We headed over there on Saturday morning and actually found parking, you can certainly tell that it's just getting going for the season since it wasn't completely packed yet.

Finnegan loved smelling the fresh herbs. YKW loved the fresh brewed coffee. Emily found some gorgeous Mother's Day presents. I stocked up on the asparagus for my Dad's birthday dinner. And Steph got her pepper fix... and will be in peppers all summer long thanks to some fantastic looking plants.

Here is a fantastic article from the Daily Green on following the "localtarian" trend. Especially in the summer, check out your local farmers' market... it's worth it just for the freshest veggies around!

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