Some days I miss you guys. A lot.

09 May 2008


My three best girlfriends all live out of town. Memphis, Orlando, and Helena to be precise.

I'm lucky that I have three best girlfriends, some people don't even have ONE.

But it still stinks that they're all a million miles away. Oh sure, sure... there's the phone. And email. And snail mail. It's just not the same as sitting with a bottle of wine and laughing for hours, which inevitably happens when we're all together.

It's also hard to send a hug over a telephone wire. Or give the rolling eyes at the latest goofy thing they've done. Or to share with them the mom I am, something that is so natural for my friends here. I'd like to be able to share that piece of myself with the women who have known the "me" I was, before even Dave.

These girls know my every secret. My smoking self, my old flings, every up and down over 32 years. They stood right by my side at my marriage to Dave. They knew before most everyone, that I was pregnant with Finnegan.

So, dear readers, I'd like to introduce you to them...

Natalie has an infectious smile. She is renowned for blurting out absolutely insane phrases when she gets nervous.  Allow me to provide an example, no one under the age of 75 should ask the object of their affection to "cut a rug," especially when you are 22 and in a club with Short Dick Man blaring in the background. We met while I was cheating off of her in Pre-Calculus our junior year of high school. She is caring and giving and intelligent.

Jackie is the defender of the universe and she likes to fancy herself a badass. This usually means she's needing us to rescue her from picking the LARGEST man in the bar to pick a fight with, but we love her anyway. She once sent me a tape to Belgium of all of my favorite music and her talking to me for hours, just when I missed home the most and needed my friends. She is so thoughtful and beautiful and I can always count on her having my back.

Sarah is the fun one. Oh, we'd all like to think that WE were the fun one, but we're not. It's Sarah by a landslide. She is fearless, spontaneous, and has a knack for making us laugh so hard that we (and she) are crying. Just uttering Trump Tower, where she once got her shoe caught in an escalator and was surrounded by security guards and Jackie laughing hysterically, or the flashing incident for duck beads will send us all into a fit of laughter. This woman is strong, gorgeous, and hilarious. 

I know in an instant if I needed any one of them, they would be here. Hopping flights or in the car in seconds.

But there isn't any emergency, just a sense of longing for my girls to be here for dinner, some laughs, and hours of talking about who we were, about who we've become. I miss you Jackie, and Grace, and Nat. I hope that it isn't too long before we're all hanging out being our idiot selves again.


Jackie said...

I am crying. Marvin just came in thinking that someone had died. I tried to explain the girl thing, that bond that keeps us together no matter where we are in the country. Of course being a boy he does not get it. I get homesick often. Sad not to see my parents, not to see Gracie growing up and not having my girls to vent to, party with, cry on their shoulders and basically be myself with. I miss you all as well. Life has taken us in so many different directions these past few years. But not a day goes by when I don't think about or remember a crazy story that we have somehow lived through. I love your blog M. It makes me laugh, allows me to see Finn growing up and now add to the list cry. You are creative, beautiful and have turned into the woman and mother we always knew you could be. Thank you for this entry and I love you right back!

Grace said...

I miss all of you just as well. The kissing bandit also misses all of you. To be completely honest I have not done that in years, but I have a drinking buddy who is aware of that past and he tries to encourage me. That is where I need one of you to step in: Natalie can sit back and watch it all unfold and laugh at me, Michelle will send me home with him(but he is NOT allowed to have sex with me), and Jackie will pull out some Kung Fu action. See without my girls around for the past few years I have had to become a mature, responsible adult(although none of you believe me, its true). Everyone is so strong and independent I know you are all do great in Orlando, Toledo, and Helena. Just remember while the rest of the group is sleeping no matter what time zone, there is a good chance Sarah is up, if you ever feel like a chat.

Lori said...

That is so sweet of you Michelle!!!

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