Dear God... Elvis has left the building.

26 May 2008
The fun one has sent me a little package filled with big ideas. I told you she is fun, but this little post is going to show you. There really are no words, so I intend to show you in pictures. Firstly, you all know my love of surprise packages via snail mail. Secondly, in case you don't notice in the pictures, it is a book, but it comes with it's very own built in stand so as to ease it's use in the kitchen. Thirdly, personalization is key... the humor is an added bonus. Without further ado my friends, I present to you...

ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING... a gift from the fun one.


Jackie said...

That is so what I ate when I went to Graceland! That cookbook is sweetness!

Michelle said...

Jack, it's not even all of the pages! She is a lunatic of epic proportions, but I died laughing when I read it. My fave is a tie between the meatloaf and the nut pie.

Grace said...

I have gone from freak to lunatic! I give the assist to Carole and Allen on the comment section, but I was CLEARLY the driving force. I am glad you enjoyed your surprise.

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