Anderson's Market

04 May 2008

  1. Please excuse the crap cell phone pic, it was all I had available.
  2. If you haven't been to Anderson's Market, get thee to King and Sylvania STAT.
  3. The only downfall I see with the Market is that we always spend way more than we had intended. It usually takes place with YKW throwing items (sardines???) in the cart.
  4. Where else can you find 6 different kinds of enchillada sauce? Oh, you need 12 different kinds of wraps for your sandwhiches? How about pastas and olives and artisan breads? Check. Check. Aaaaand check.
  5. It's TAFFY season y'all. That's right. Taffy bins as far as the imagination can stretch. YKW and I didn't partake in the taffy, but we sure did in spirit. Mmmmmm taffy.


Amy said...

I shop like a man in there. It's dangerous. I once left with three kinds of beer, fancy cheese, prunes, beer bread mix, and about 87 other things. I went in for broccoli.

Jackie said...

I miss Anderson's....There is nothing even slightly cool like that in Helena.

Amanda said...

Ah...SWT season. I can go through so much cotton candy taffy in a sitting. So dangerous.

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