While You Were Out

03 March 2008

Our bedroom has been the bain of my existance since we moved. In a word, awful is how I would describe it. We successfully painted the walls a boring taupe color and never did anything beyond that. Please take note of the dark ceiling and trim. We have lived without outlet covers (now with a 10 month old in the house!) for five years. Ummmm yea. Not my finest decorating moment.

So I used the opportunity when D was on a scheduled business trip to re-do our bedroom. While You Were Out style. You will see the folly in this thinking when I explain the following:

1. It was sofa city for me. Our couch, while nice, isn't my bed.

2. I have a 10 month old to care for 24 hours a day without a break while Dave is gone.

3. Right before he left I showed him a swatch of the color and mentioned that I might like to paint our room this color later this summer. He, in no uncertain terms, told me it was hideous and there is no way he'd like that. Then he said we could worry about that later.... uhhhh, yea.... later. Right. Insert MAD dash to find a new color that doesn't suck into my list of things to do.

4. Again, 10 month old. Did I mention 24 hours a day, no breaks? Oh and he decided while daddy was gone, he didn't want to sleep through the night. Wooooo!

5. It was about 20 degrees out, all the better for open windows while painting.

6. I don't know if you have met me, but I am an ideas girl... D is the one that makes things happen. I tell him my hairbrained schemes and he has the plan to get it done.

7. There was a horrendous snow and ice storm in St. Louis when he was gone, so I got a phone call on Thursday afternoon... "They cancelled the conference for today and tomorrow, flights aren't getting out, so we're driving home right now." Ummm.... sure, come home Thursday instead of FRIDAY NIGHT. Yea. Great idea. At this point, there still wasn't a single thing moved back into our room. Yep, see ya soon, honey.

So thankfully, I have the most amazing family in the world. I mean really. Everyone from my mom helping me unload the room, to my little sister & Midge coming over to watch Finn, to Lori painting AND cleaning my entire house, to Lyndsey and Britt spending an entire day helping me, to my daddy-o hanging every picture (and moving them and re-hanging them), to my Gram hemming and sewing detail onto the curtains. D arrived home at about 3 am and I was passed out cold from exhaustion, but he re-enacted his suprise and delight at the room for me the next morning.

Here are the results!

It is gorgeous, I love it. Dave loves it. The wonder baby loves it. Monty and Dex love it. It is painted a cool grey, the ceiling and trim is now white. It is artsy, clean, and makes us feel like we're in a fantastic hotel.
Oh, and D, you can rest easy... There is no way in hell I am planning anything else for the next (or the one after that) business trip.


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