US vs. Mexican Coke

26 March 2008
It all started with this blog entry at Food Handler that my friend Britt suggested reading. Make your own Coke?? I think not. But I was intrigued by all of the comments and debate about Coke bottled in the US and Coke bottled in Mexico.

And so, what else is there to do besides recruit YKW to take part in my blind taste test?

At first, he couldn't taste the difference in the two, but upon further tasting he said the Mexican Coke was more "bitey," well whatever that means. Apparently YKW is no Chris Kimball. He won't be working at America's Test Kitchen anytime soon.

Bottomline, they do taste differently, but there isn't a huge difference. The US Coke is sweeter. And if nothing else, pick up a bottle of Mexican Coke in the international food aisle and try it out for yourself. It makes for a rather amusing Wednesday night activity.


Emily said...

Canadian Coke tastes different from US Coke, too (someone told me that's because they use sugar instead of corn syrup, but I can't vouch for the accuracy of that statement). However, it's probably harder to find a bottle of Canadian Coke at a Kroger around here.

Michelle said...

Well that is the difference in Mexican vs US Cokes too. We use corn syrup, they use sugar. They also have a lot higher sodium content too.

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