Chickity China the Chinese Chicken. Not really, he's from Buffalo.

19 March 2008
My friend Jen, yes of the Degrassi post, has been on my ass to meal plan. Ok, so she's only mildly tyrranical about it, and it was at my request that she keep me on track. Anywho, so on Sundays I'm supposed to actually write out what our dinner plans are for the week, do my weekly shopping and STICK with it.

This week I was completely uninspired. Completely.

What do I do when uninspired? Ummmm catch up on my blog reading of course. I ran across this little gem from Brittany and suddenly my Wednesday had a "Buffalo Chicken Pizza" scrawled in it.

OK, so I messed with the recipe a bit. I always do. Oh, and I rarely have a recipe, more of an approximation of what I threw together.

Here it is in all of its chickeny goodness.

So, I made the crust in the bread maker, a white flour version of the whole wheat crust I blogged about here. Then I put a layer of the bleu cheese, mixed up some rotisserie chicken with some Kroger Wing Sauce until liberally coated, then put that on. Then I covered the whole thing with a bag of pizza cheese and a liberal amount of parsley and a little olive oil. I baked it on a pizza stone for about 20 minutes in a 400 degree oven.

Garnish with some celery and you're all set.


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