Birthdays birthdays everywhere.

16 March 2008
March and April are birthday season in my family. In no particular order we have:

  1. Meme's
  2. my nephew Dylan's
  3. my cousin Morgan's
  4. mine
  5. Finnegan's
  6. my aunt Judy's
  7. my step-mom Lori's
  8. my great uncle Jim's
  9. my uncle Jimmy's
  10. my BFF Jackie's

and I am quite sure I'm forgetting someone (or two) in there. Really. That is like the fricken birthday lotto crammed into two months with a winner at least each week.

So my friend Jen, one of my super amazing guest bloggers gave me her super top secret LIME CHIFFON cake recipe. I have been appointed by my mommy dearest to be in charge of Meme's birthday cake on Easter. Yea, no pressure there for chrissake. So here it is in all of it's glory, the cake I am going to attempt, with lord knows what results...

Wish. Me. Luck. (Because I am going to need it.)

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Jen said...

The cake will be so pretty and yummy that everyone will be in awe of you. :)

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