What the f*ck are you taking pictures of?

19 March 2008
The alternate title to this post could be, "My husband knows I'm crazy." I would love to dedicate it to my friend Kelly.

Allow me to set the scene for you darling readers. It is approximately midnight on a school night for YKW. He has just dealt with a screaming baby and watching the news and gone to bed. I am rummaging, rummaging, rummaging through the newly tidied linen closet.

him: What are you doing?

me: Looking for something.

him: Uh, yea... WHAT are you looking for?

me: That Body Shop masque I bought you a long time ago.

him: What?

me: FOUND it! Yesssss.

*5 minutes go by*

me: I'm going to just put this masque on and you have to let it dry for 20 minutes. Then I am going to jump in the shower. I'll be in bed in like half an hour.

*He knows full well I will most definitely not be in bed in half an hour.*

*I put the army green masque on my face and pass him in the hall.*

me: *talking with minimal lip movement* Don't make me laugh, you'll crack it.

him: *sigh*

*15 minutes pass*

*diddle-eeep* *diddle-eeep* *click* *diddle-eeep* *diddle-eeep* *click* *diddle-eeep* *diddle-eeep* *click* *diddle-eeep* *diddle-eeep* *click*

him: *looking totally disheveled and yet adorably "Dave" in a sleepy sort of way* WHAT the FUCK are you taking pictures of?

me: *jumping a foot and a half, then I immediately start cracking up AND cracking the masque* I thought you were sleeping!

him: All I kept hearing was diddle-eeep diddle-eeep click diddle-eeep diddle-eeep click diddle-eeep diddle-eeep. Just when I thought it was done, there it went again. Diddle-eeep diddle-eeep click diddle-eeep diddle-eeep!

Bottomline dearest readers, I am dead SEXY. And he knows it.

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