Cake in a Cup

03 March 2008
Sometimes it is ok to be a cupcake whore. This was the "taste" portion of the Valentine's Day Challenge gift from Dave. We have been meaning to try Cake in a Cup for months and he used the challenge as an excuse to make that happen.

D had gone in the day before and they were sold out of all but one flavor, so we got there the next day shortly after they opened. Each day they have a different mix of flavors, usually between 6-8 different kinds. So we decided to try one of each flavor that they had in for the day & review each. Our scientific method consisted of splitting each cupcake in two and using a fork (blasphemy!) to each eat a half.

First up is Peanutbutter & Jelly. This is the one we were looking least forward to trying so we decided to get it out of the way first. It ended up being my favorite and right up there on D's list as well. The cake was moist, the jelly is subtle, and the PB frosting was light and fluffy with a definite PB taste, but not overwhelmingly so. YUM.

Oreo was too heavy for me. D thought it had a really strong Oreo flavor that he liked. The cake has a hidden Oreo cookie in the center and it is frosted with an Oreo buttercreme frosting.

Carrot was moist and fresh tasting. The cream cheese frosting was light and very well done, less sugary than most. It was a fantastic compliment to the (real) carrot taste.

Pretty in Pink was strawberry flavored. The cake was a little dry for both of us, but the fresh strawberry frosting was amazing.

Vanilla wasn't extraordinary and could probably be substituted for any standard vanilla cupcake anywhere. The buttercreme frosting was nice, but again, nothing suprising.

Cafe Latte was also a little dry, but the frosting was amazing. It was incredibly light with a hint of cinnamon. It was garnished with a piroline cookie.

Chocolate, again like the vanilla, this wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

Red Velvet had that amazing creme cheese frosting. The cake was moist and was almost too RED looking. The color was a bit off putting, but the flavor was delicate.
We'll for sure go back, if for nothing else than some more of those amazing Peanutbutter & Jelly. They would be a fantastic dessert to a dinner party featuring your childhood favorites, with a grown up twist.

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