Ode to Oster

06 March 2008
Everyone brings things to their marriage. A commitment to the person you're marrying, love, a healthy dose of humor and understanding... my husband brought all of those AND an Oster Bread Maker.

All of these years in our marriage and he was always the one to suggest and make bread from time to time. The maker has happily taken up residence in our basement, to be brought out on occasions when Dave gets the notion to do some baking. Truthfully with all of its buttons and complicated recipes, I've been a little leery of it. I am happy to say that I've conquered my fears and successfully made whole wheat pizza dough yesterday afternoon. Here it is in all of it's rising glory.

Turns out, it's much easier than I had anticipated. I followed a great recipe found in this book.

So if there is a kitchen gadget you've been meaning to master, go ahead and give it a try!

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Unknown said...

Does my Fiancee count as a kitchen gadget????

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