Tigers Home Opener Tomorrow!

30 March 2008

In preparation for the big game tomorrow, YKW bought the bug a brand spankin new Tigers hoodie. In case any of you don't have plans tomorrow at 1:05 you can do some cheering for the Tigers as they kick Kansas City's ass.

*PS, it must be noted in this post that mommy is a Braves fan, but she is still supportive of daddy's (mostly) delusional hope that Finn will play for the Tigers one day.

*PPS, This post is dedicated to my husband's crush, DentaLori and her mad love for the Tigers.


Lori said...

I freaking love this post!!!! Go Tigers!!! And I can see it now . . .picture it . . . Detroit 2030 . . . opening day pitcher . . . Finn!!!

Michelle said...

or Thor! Perhaps they can be teammates?

Lori said...

LMAO!!! You are a nut! But I love ya!

bknopp6 said...

What about the Yankees.....Would u be offended if he played for the evil empire????

Amy said...

The Braves??? Are you kidding me???


Michelle said...

Amy. EW!

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