Just Like That. Kindergarten is Over.

06 June 2013

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Nine months ago, I wrote a post about Finn going off to kindergarten.  It was tough.  I don’t think I was prepared at all to watch him have a whole day outside of my world.

It feels like yesterday and just like that, he’s done. 

Did I blink? 

A year older.  A whole lot taller.  And more independent.  And strong.  And funny.  And more sure of himself every day.

He is reading.  And telling me crazy ass things that I don’t remember learning in kindergarten. 

Is this how I will feel when he’s graduating high school?  Like it passed in an instant? 

Because if so, I want to stop time.  Slow it down a little.

One of you, please remind me of this when I am counting the days until he goes back to school because he’s being six and fighting with his little sister and refusing to clean up his room.


{This yellow shirt that he wore the first day was destroyed in a green paint art incident less than two weeks into the school year.  The red shirt has been his favorite all year long. }


the cape on the corner said...

i mean, clearly, he is so. much. cooler. now.

Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS from graduating from Kindergarten! Have fun but be a good student in first grade.

steph said...

Speaking only one year ahead in experience, it speeds up with the intensity of activity and homework increasing, sorry to say! Hope you have a slow and memorable family summer.

Unknown said...

Congrats to Finn! Dang 1st grade! I think I am ready for kindergarten but the more I keep thinking about it it makes me sad. The grow so fast and the days and months seems to go by faster every year. And words of wisdom for getting through the first day of kindergarten?

oh and yes just as the cape on the corner said.....much cooler now!!!

Leslee @ This Friendly Life said...

He is such a little man with his belt and tucked in polo shirts!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Yes, it will feel like this x100 when he graduates high school. I just got home from the senior awards assembly. Graduation is in 9 days and 2 hours.

I. Am. A. Wreck.

And now I miss kindergarten. BooHoo!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That school year just flew by! It feels like he just started! Wow. He will have a great summer and you'll be excited when it's done and he's back at school but goodness, what a beautiful boy you're growing there. Enjoy the summer!

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