25 October 2011

My friend Cheryl pinned this awesome manicure from Polish Infatuated.

Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest


I had to try it with my own twist.  I love it!




Anonymous said...

I love glitter.

Joanna said...

This is uh-maze-ing! Need it NOW!!

Unknown said...

Oh, I am so doing this!!!

Anonymous said...

I had some added to my toes this summer, but it was really hard to get off.... what is the trick of removing it?

Michelle said...

Sheila, it does take more muscle to remove it. I usually take a cotton ball soaked with remover and hold it on the nail for 30 or so seconds and then start wiggling side to side to remove.

Yostee said...

I <3 <3 <3 glitter nail polish!!!! I laughed out loud when I saw your pictures of your nails. Before I went into L&D, I had to make sure my nails were done and I painted them a taupey browny color (exactly like yours) with glitter on them, only mine was 1/2 done from the bottom up... which I also learned from pintrest. I got a ton of compliments... and I love how you did the accent color!!!!! Now it's time to paint Tate's nails :o)

Unknown said...

Yay glitter! Love cute:)

MommyLisa said...


Just A Normal Mom said...

Love it! Looks great.

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