Baby Shoes

20 October 2011

Ridiculously, utterly unnecessary.  I know this. 

And yet, I die at the cuteness.

picnic brunch 049

Because what 3 month old doesn’t need a pair of black sequined sneaks with organza ribbon ties?


Or pink mini slipper boots?


Or hand-me-down Ohio State high tops from her brother?


Tricia said...

do those pink slipper booties come in my size? i can't even imagine how much deeper in debt i would be if i had had a daughter! i can barely even resist the pink (and green and yellow) onesies at walmart when i pass them on the way to the dairy department and i don't even have anyone to buy them for!

Laura said...

Oh, the pink boots!!

Unknown said...

love the pink boots! super cute!

Holly Lefevre said...

You are in so much trouble. Girlie clothes/shoes/etc. are so cute! My little one got hand-me-down checkered vans from her brother. I want some black sequin sneakers!

@JessEsco said...

Oh my gosh. The pinks. CUTE.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Those boots are TOO cute!

Best Walking Shoes For Babies said...

Oh, its cute! Good thing you have kept it all these years. My baby just started walking and i'm excited to buy her first pair of shoes. I would like to the same thing. I would like to keep it too. Is it leather?

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