Brain Dump? Sure.

21 October 2011

I’ve had a ton to do this week, probably more than I should while still bouncing back from my surgery last week.  There were invitations and flyers to create, meals to take to friends, cleaning and laundry to catch up on, and lots of writing & blog business to attend to.  After a week of sleeping and sitting around and doing nothing but relaxing recovering and almost a week of ‘taking it easy’, I am at about an eleventy-two on the scale of needing to get out of the house before going absolutely bat shit crazy. 

I am not good with just hanging out. 

On Sunday night, I deleted 478 old posts from my Google Reader just so I could start at zero this week.  I am slightly weird neurotic like that, I knew if I didn’t, I’d spend an inordinately large amount of time click, click, clicking my ‘next’ button until I got through my reader.  Is anyone else a freak like me? 

Links I Think You’ll Love

I really love these glittery nails from Cupcakes & Cashmere.

Pumpkin Bread I must make from Val So Cal.

I love this great upgrade to the Ikea Lack Table {we have one in Finn’s room} from Little Green Notebook.

Ditto.  Highly worth the 45 minute drive.

A vintage So Wonderful, So Marvelous:  Michelle’s Rules For Not Looking Like a Jerk on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

I like the Lack Table idea. We have one in the living room because I refuse to spend $ on a coffee table with three children and a husband around. This has given me some inspiration to maybe buy a new one and decorate it! Thanks!

Tricia said...

I will forever be in your debt for teaching me the word "assclown." My weekend suddenly looks brighter.

Just A Normal Mom said...

I've been just sick enough this week to not really be able to do anything more than rest, but not sick enough not to be going crazy by all I'm NOT getting done. Ugh. That post on facebook rules? I think people should have to agree to those terms when they open a facebook account!!!

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