Things I Want to Learn

05 October 2011
  1. To sew.
  2. To use my camera on manual setting.
  3. To really use Photoshop.
  4. To knit.
  5. To properly apply liquid eyeliner.

I’m going to start with the eyeliner. 

What do you want to learn?


Anonymous said...

1. I want to learn to sew really well. (i am a basic sewer)
2. I want to master the knit cross stitch
3. I want to make a smokey eye
4. Cut an onion like a pro
5. Learn to kick Gillian Michael's butt!

Stef said...

I also want to learn how to sew! I also would like to be more crafty so I can actually create all the great ideas I see on Pinterest.

This Confetti Life said...

I want to learn Spanish, better time management, and basic metalworking.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Camera, photoshop, eyeliner? I'm in on those lessons! :)

erika said...

Yes to all of the above!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I have been trying to learn about my fancy new DSLR because seriously, I should know how to use it!

Unknown said...

liquid eyeliner is so easy! It just takes practice! Do it once a day until you get the hang of it. Use a makeup wipe to get it off when your done. Just need a steady hand!

Stacy Kaye said...

I LOVE this! I'm going to copy you!

I also want to learn how to sew better. I need to buy a sewing machine and get at her! I have to think about what else I want to learn...check my blog to see!

All About the Brush said...

When it comes to liquid eyeliner it is all about the brush. Start with something like this: (and it's on sale and no I don't work for Ulta). Best way to learn to apply the liquid stuff. Good luck!

bea said...

You know, I can teach you 1-3, and I live on your block.

I want to learn Italian (conversational - don't care so much about writing). And how to sail, 'cause we have a boat now... oh, and knitting. That's it.

Jackie said...

I want to learn Spanish (to converse with the in-laws), successfully use itunes (aka not delete everything to replace one song), perfectly hard boil and egg (I know I can make a freakin souffle but not an egg) and I think learning to be true to myself a bit more. There is probably a thousand more things but that is a good start!

Tricia said...

I am definitely with you on #1 & #3. I really want a sewing machine, and have so many wonderful ideas for it. I'm sure my husband will think it's just a five minute obsession, but I really do. And about the make-up....girl, why is it that all other ladies look fabulous, and I make it look like my 7 year old niece did me up? Once you find the secret, please share! :)

@JessEsco said...

I'll take your whole list please, thanks.

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