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07 October 2011

We’re having an Indian Summer so we’re going to get out and enjoy the 80 degree temps, I can’t tell you how weird that is for us in October.  You Texans are probably thinking, what is the big deal?  Last week, we turned the heat on after the nights dipped into the 30s!   Dave mowed the lawn last night and for a minute I thought it was July.  Tonight we’re hitting the park for a picnic with some friends and this weekend we’re going to squeeze in every moment we can outside.  


Miss Tate decided that she was going to roll over Tuesday night.  How is she old enough to roll over already?  How?  I made her do it again the next day so I could catch it on video… don’t worry I’ll spare you the “look at my little baby doing fun things!” video.  She has also moved from vomiting on everything to slobbering on everything.  Oddly, it’s still just as gross to be covered in slobber as baby vomit.


I’m getting totally nervous about my stupid gallbladder surgery next week.  It’s the getting knocked out thing that bugs me.  Hopefully it will be as ‘routine’ as my {very capable} surgeon thinks.


In other news…

Kevin +Winnie 4 Ever.  At least on Netflix.

Still obsessed with Pinterest.  So. Many. Pretty. Things.

I must have these cookies.  Must.

A vintage So Wonderful, So Marvelous post about stuff I loved a year ago.  Oddly, I still love everything on the list.

Hopefully it’ll be a beautiful weekend where you are too!  What are your weekend plans?


Joanna said...

Good luck with your surgery next week! And I have been waiting for Wonder Years to be available for ever! Adding now!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Good luck with the surgery - you'll do great!

Anonymous said...

Oh the wonder years! Good luck with the surgery.

Emily said...

Awwww, getting knocked out isn't so bad. I survived it! Let me know if you need any help.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Don't be worried about the surgery. You're in good hands with your doctor and it will be just fine. It's scary to be knocked out but once you get the happy IV, you'll be just fine!

Stacy Kaye said...

1. Jealous of your weather
3. I get it, the rolling over thing and how the heck did this happen so fast. My little guy currently looks like a little old man using a walker with his "help me walk" dinosaur toy. How did we get THERE already???
4. Pinterest, oh you take up so much of my time!
5. Your gall bladder surgery will be ok. You can do it! It IS routine. (But don't forget to allow yourself to take it easy for a few days!)

Unknown said...

I am so obsessed with Pinterest too. I love it. So many cool ideas. We had a cool week in California but it's suppose to warm back up into the 80's so I am looking forward to that. And good luck with surgery, it will go just fine:)

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