13 October 2011


This is a text conversation between me and my cousin Jay.   He is an idiot, but I love him.

Maybe I am a freak of human nature, but I am feeling surprisingly great.  The first twelve hours after surgery was really really rough I must say, then all of a sudden I felt like I turned a corner.  There are three tiny incision marks and a little mark where they went in through my belly button, but the only thing that really hurts is my throat from the intubation.  I have Dave taking care of me like a champ and when he’s not here, my mom is since I can’t lift Tate by myself.  I’m hoping that by the weekend I’ll start picking her up a little and see how it goes. 

Thanks so much for all your good thoughts and kind wishes.

Dave and I have also made the joint decision that I should be wearing this bracelet at all times.



Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I'm glad your surgery went well and you're feeling better! The bracelet is also very fashionable. ;)

Anonymous said...

glad you are feeling well!

Unknown said...

Feel better! <3

Unknown said...

Glad to hear everything went well and I hope by this weekend you can hold your sweet little girl:)

Samantha said...

So happy everything went well. Sure the recovery will be smooth and quick :)

Stacy Kaye said...

LOL, love the bracelet. Glad you are doing well! I felt the same way after my gall bladder surgery. First day sucked, but then it wasn't so bad! Those incisions will get tinier and tinier. I barely notice my scars now! I hope you keep feeling better and better!

@JessEsco said...

So glad you're well! Hope you can hold your sweet girl soon.

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