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28 August 2010
My sister Elise went back to college a few weeks ago.  It’s been lonely around here, even though she’s a big weirdo and she is always stealing Lyndsey’s shit and making her nuts.  Rachael and I are both married and out of the house and even we miss her. 

The hotel is already booked for our trip down there to visit in October.  The four of us girls and Dave and Finn.  Poor Dave.  

She’s living in the sorority house this year.  I love it because her roommate is a neat freak, which means that Elise is actually vacuuming and making her bed.  That means {fingers crossed} we won’t be spending six hours in a hazmat suit cleaning her disgusting room this time.  Maybe we can actually do some fun stuff?  That would be different.

I sent her these pink and green turtle cookies and she called me this morning to say thanks and that she and her roommate had already eaten half of them.  {The turtles and colors are from her sorority… I didn’t just randomly choose to make turtles.}  Then she made fun of me for putting little pink hearts on them.  Then she asked me to make some more so that she could lie and tell her little that she made them.  Next time I’m just skipping her and sending them right to her roommate.

She’s the one who makes her bed willingly.


My sister Rachael is getting ready to meet her inlaws for the first time.  She’s been married to Sami for four years and this is the first trip she’s making to Israel to meet his family {they are Palestinian} and it’s a three week trip. As if three weeks with your inlaws whom you’ve never met isn’t pressure enough, it’s her first trip out of the country.  Not only that, but she’s been studying Arabic and is still struggling.  She’s a little lot nervous excited. 

The rest of us sisters are anxiously awaiting the stories.

I’m excited for her.  I think it’s going to be a tremendous learning and growing experience for her.  Plus, the shopping.  Dude, the textiles alone are worth the trip.

I really should do a whole post on Rachael, she has a great story, so maybe I will when she gets back.  Until then, I’m going to be holding my breath and hoping she doesn’t make any tremendous faux pas while she’s there.  I’m also going to say an extra prayer for Sami that he doesn’t get totally stir crazy with her on a flight for that long.  That might be intense.

Good luck Sami. 

This is a picture of the four of us this summer.  Lyndsey is the one with the boobs, Elise is the one with the flowers, then me, then Rachael in the grey.

Colleen's Wedding 061


MommyLisa said...

Were any of the rest of you Delta Zeta? I was an Alpha Omicron Pi.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

So cute about the turtles! What a great sister you are to make her cookies. :)

Great picture of the four of you guys!

Rachael said...

can i just say that i'm lmao right now about the sami and plane part! looool Love it! And yes i hope to be bringing back some great stories and great souveniers(sp?). I think i now might bring a journal with me so i can share every detail with michelle when i come back so she can make a O SO WONDERFUL, SO MARVELOUS blog about me;) Love you! XOXOXO -Rach-

Big Fat Gini said...

Oh my goodness, those cookies look amazing and now I'm starving! Adorable!

Thanks for stopping by!

Kelly said...

I know I'm not in college...or your sister but I think I need some turtle cookies in my life...just saying! ;0) Elise is lucky to have you! =0)

Elise said...

Love my sisters :)
Lisa, Alpha Omicron Pi was actually the second sorority I put on my bid card a year ago, it was a tough decision between the two!
ps. M, the bed making phase has passed thank goodness cause that was getting tiring!

@JessEsco said...

You're the best sister ever and those are the coolest cookies.

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