Happy Birthday Dave.

29 August 2010

You're like my bestest most awesome first husband ever. 

I kind of wish though that you had gotten presents for your birthday instead of the flu.  Presents are way better than puke.

I thought you learned that lesson on our first new years together when you puked in my sink and thought I would break up with you and I almost did, but then you brought me flowers because Kerry told you to and I accepted your apology and later your proposal and then we got married and had a baby and lived happily ever after and usually celebrated your birthday with an awesome party every year except the one year that we didn't because you thought you were too old to celebrate your birthday and acted all grown up you got the flu and spent it totally sick. 

Lesson learned?  Being a grown up is bullshit and you're never too old for a party.

Happy Birthday Love.  And many, many more.


Just A Normal Mom said...

NEVER too old for a party! Happy Birthday to your husband! :-)


Lora said...

happy happy day to you! You're never to old to celebrate another year accomplished. In fact, the older you get the harder it gets, so there is even more reason for a party!

Katie Olthoff said...


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Being a grown up does kind of suck. But being sick on your birthday, no matter your age, sucks worse! I hope he feels better. You should give him a birthday do-over sometime when he's over being sick.

Anonymous said...

You are the wisest person I have yet found on the interwebs. Presents ARE better than puke, and being a grown-up really was a dumbass idea!

tiffany said...

Ha! Happy birthday Dave!

MommyLisa said...

Ugh. Puke. :) I'd rather party too. Happy Birthday Dave.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

"You're like my bestest most awesome first husband ever."

you are hilarious!

oh, and happy b-day dave!

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