23 August 2010

I am pretty sure I’m doing this cleaning thing wrong.  You’re supposed to lift up the couch to sweep under it?  WHO does that?

Just when I thought I was doing a decent job superman comes along and blows that right out of the water.

I am pretty sure that if I attempted to lift the couch with one hand while sweeping with the other, he would come home to find me on the ground right there in the living room with a herniated everything rendering me horribly immobile for the next month and a half.

What did you accomplish this weekend?  I took pictures of my husband doing housework and went to a movie. 

The Switch?  Totally cute.



Samantha said...

This weekend - I managed to clean/organize/put away at the new house, shop for Miss Roxy, have her pictures taken and catch a movie with the best chick ever! Eat Pray Love is not my kind of movie, but it was a great night out.

Jealous that you got to see The Switch! We wanted to, but it wasn't playing in the local theatre :(

Happy Monday!

Mommy Lisa said...

I drove Boo Boo to TWO birthday parties - went to my mom's to pickup some stuff she wanted to give me - went to my BIL's to see the new baby (Stacey Lynn? MOP of black hair) - held a three week old twin for about 30 minutes (My friend Heather's baby Lars) - watched Boo Boo take her very first horse ride - went to Cub TWICE and Whole Foods - made way to much lasagna and cut up melons so my hubby has a decent lunch for his 12 hour days. It's monday & I am tired.

Ashlee's Annals said...

That picture is adorable to me for some reason. Yay for a cleaning husband!!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

You're supposed to pick up the couch in order to vacuum under there? I wasn't aware. I'm impressed that he knew that!

mommara said...

Haha can you send him to my house when he is done. Thanks. :)

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

oh, love it! i have absolutely no shame in admitting that my guy can out clean me as well! super cute post and pic! :)

Courtney Dirks said...

Is that a Dyson I see? I'm a dork for being jealous of your vacuum?

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