Please just be 3 forever.

21 August 2010
On Thursday, Finn wrote his name. 

By himself.

Thursday morning he didn’t even know how to make a lowercase N.

Or spell his name.

At least I don’t think he did.  Maybe he’s been secretly learning it behind my back like a spy.

He does know how to spell O-H-I-O, he learned to spell that just about when he started talking.  That right there is the beauty of being a Buckeye.

He told me today that his favorite color is red and his favorite shape is a hexagon.  Really?  Can’t we just stick with the easies like a triangle?  What kind of rhombus polygon {thanks Nikki} loving old man is trapped in the body of my little Finna?

He is three years and four months and I am thinking, this is a good age for him to just stop. 
No more getting bigger.  No more new pairs of jeans.  No more smelling your sweaty boy smell instead of like a baby.  No more of this sponge like learning that knocks me flat on my ass every single day. 

And for sure no more with the Ticonderoga #2.

If you see me carted off to the looney bin, you’ll know it’s the day when the  post-nap cuddles finally stopped. 

Right now, I get the unprompted, “I love you Mommy.”  When do the fights between us start, because I’d really like to skip that.  I want him to always give me hugs and eskimo kisses and run for me when something hurts.

His lanky legs are already too big to fold up like he used to, froggy style so he could lay his head on my chest when I rocked him before bed.  Gone away is the rocking.  Pretty soon, he’ll be reading his own bedtime stories.

And I just want to freeze time, right here.  Right now.

It’s going too fast and I feel like I blink and more of it disappears. 



Candace Rae's Life said...

wow. that was beautiful. you have read my mind. i feel the exact same way. my boys are 2 and 3.5. they're getting so big, so very fast. i miss them already.

belles♥mom said...

OK, as much as I love this post (and trust me I'm totally feeling the same way) the former math teacher in me needs to point out that he's not truly a "rhombus loving old man" if his favorite shape is a hexagon, it could however be stated that he's a "polygon loving old man". Yes, I know I'm a total nerd but I should get a little credit for not including the definitions of each lol.

belles♥mom said...

And I'm totally floored that he can write his own name, way to go Finn!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Aw, that's great that he's writing his own name! :) So sweet.

The Grady Chronicles said...

Ahh these kids, what do they do to us??? It is just going way too fast, huh???

MommyLisa said...

Imagine me...BooBooLaLa goes to kindergarten next year - and freaked me out the other day telling me I was turning right or left and she was correct!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! Stop it.

Stacy Kaye said...

*Sniff* I totally understand your feelings...and Rusty is only 2!

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

My baby just headed back to college this morning.

Don't blink.

Unknown said...

wow....I wont be ready for that....congrats momma, you have done good :) said...

I've always believed the cutest and most precious ages of children are 2-4! My youngest granson is nearly two and everything is just so joyful!

Katie Olthoff said...

Aw, this is very sweet. My little guy seems to be growing up too fast, too. :)

Amy said...

Couldn't agree with you more. These times are so sweet and I cry when I think about them coming to an end!

btw, way to go Finn for writing your name!

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