19 August 2010

I have this reader friend, her name is Courtney.

And I like her.

Not only because she is one third of the force behind Meylah.  {Incidentally, if you’re crafty or artistic, this community rocks and so does the blog.  There are tons of tutorials called Byte-Syze Tutorials and normally I don’t trust anything that is spelled in a cutesy way, but dude.  You will be overwhelmed at the awesomeness over there.  You want to know how to edit pics in Picnik, make earrings, sell your stuff, or even how to brand your twitter profile?  Go to Meylah.}

Or because she is the fancy pants designer behind Courtney Rian Designs.

Or that she’s a reader because duh, you know I love my readers.

It’s mostly because she is a kind, sweet, generous, wonderful friend that decided when I was having a shitty day, to send me some incredible earrings that I can wear for THE Ohio State Buckeye football season.

Just to make me smile.

She’s totally cool like that.

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Jason said...

This is a great post Michelle! I completely agree with you on all accounts because Courtney is just that special and talented (and I'm the lucky guy she picked to marry)!

Jason @ Meylah
p.s. Those earrings look great!

Elise said...

super cute earrings, and they look even better on my beautiful sister!!!

piper said...

So sweet, and I couldn't agree more!!! (She happens to be my bff since 5th grade!) And love the earrings! (Even though I'm a Duck :))

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Aw, so sweet! I'm going to check out her site. Sounds like a great place!

MommyLisa said...

Very Cute Earrings - I will have to check them out. Thanks Michelle

Michelle said...

Piper, you get points for the awesome name, but those points are doubly taken away by your Duck love! Shaking my fist at you.

Michelle said...

PS Note to self, next time a little makeup and maybe hide the bra strap. Keeping it classy around here...

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