Oh Harry, How I Wish We Were Together.

06 February 2010
Hello.  Hi.  Welcome.  Let me grab a drink for you.  It isn't too early for wine is it?  It's after noon, so I think we're good.  Sit down and stay awhile.  My name is Michelle, I'm an Aries, I like long walks on the beach and flowers.  Wait.  This is the wrong place for that.  There are lots of fun things to read over there in my sidebar if you want to learn a little about me.  ---->

If you're lazy like me, here are my 5 favorite posts.
  1. My mother meets Snoop.
  2. I am an idiot.
  3. My husband's surprise 30th.
  4. Being thankful.
  5. My sister gets arrested.  I wish I were kidding.

So, I'm not at Blissdom this weekend.  Bummer.  For those of you non-bloggers, Blissdom is a blogging conference being held in Nashville this weekend.  Think 500 bloggers {& an intimate concert with Harry Connick, Jr} just hanging out, enjoying bloggy goodness, and learning a lot.  There is always next year.

{Image via Harry}

So... the next best thing?  Joining Blessed Moon for the I'm Not At Blissdom Blog Hop!  Say hello.  Link up & visit those of us who will have to drool over Harry from afar.   


These Are The Days said...

Hi, I'm Jessica in AZ. Blissdom is SO far away but I hope to make it there next year. I look forward to reading your blog. Found you thru Patty's blog hop. :)

Angela said...

Stopping by from Patty's party. Blissdom would be fun wouldn't it? Maybe one year they will have it in Texas...a bit closer to home.

patty said...

LOVE your post {your's is the first i read that did it right!} and i'm VERY curious about the fornicating frogs... i'm reading on... ;0

thanks for blog-hopping with me!

KimberFNP said...

Love your blog! I am coming to you via the blog hopping party from Blessed Moon. I plan to stalk your page from this point forward. So funny! Hope you don't mind if I steal some ideas.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I so wish I had been there...Enjoyed your blog today.....blog hopping while watching the game....that would not be happening if my team was playing...

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