Maybe she's premed so she can take care of her geriatric booty call?

26 February 2010
Elise from the Attic is a weekly blog post from my sister Elise who is currently kicking up her heels and studying her ass off in Kentucky. She is a fashionista and a lunatic, but we love her. Mostly. Here is this week's edition of:
Please don't hate me for bailing on you last week. I was stressed to the max and my brain was overflowing with evolutionary theories and sociological terms, nothing you would have enjoyed reading about, I promise.

While I was hitting the books hard at the library though I did allow myself the slight pleasure of a little good hearted eavesdropping. I didn't feel bad at all because the girl was in no way trying to keep her voice down though I was in plain sight five feet from her and the poor boy whose ear she was talking off. You can always tell the students who are just at the library for social reasons or doing some mundane work compared to those who are actually studying for an exam or a paper. I was obviously a member of the latter group; my hair was in a ponytail that I had thrown up three days prior, I was wearing blue sweatpants with the elastic at the ankles still in tact, black fuzzy socks and my off white moccasins. I hadn't even bothered to wash the scar cream from the previous night off of my forehead before leaving my room.  {Michelle here.  Allow me to interject just a minute... ummm the scar cream on her forehead was from a zit the size of Mt Vesuvius at New Year.  Dave named it.  Zeke.}

I know she noticed this at first glance but, she continued to talk about the man that she was secretly meeting up with and kept assuring this boy that he wasn't that much older. This poor guy had just thrown out a casual "hey" as he was walking past her to what I assume was the bathroom or the elevator. She intercepted him and then dumped her personal life on him and kept saying, "That isn't really slutty, right?" The guy nodded towards the book in front of her, I'm guessing he was trying his hardest to get her to go back to her studying but she just told him she was only studying bio, which according to her was just "like sooo boring". She proceeded to share that, after an hour she was going out to get hammered and drunk text her boyfriend wannabe, who I assume, isn't too far from collecting social security.

I was feeling pretty good about myself in comparison to this girl until she asked her friend what he finally declared as his major. He answered business and she literally went off about how lame he was and how only people who aren't even smart enough to be in college major in business and that sheee was premed.  I wondered what she would have said about me, seeing as I don't have a major... or any inkling of what it may be in the future. Then, I remembered this girl who was complaining about how totally lame bio was, planned on being a doctor. Apparently, only airheads study business and you don't have to enjoy, or have an interest in biology to be premed. I'm thinking ten years down the road if I find out this girl became a doctor after all I may boycott healthcare altogher.

Until Next Week,

Elise, From The Attic


Elise said...

oh michelle thank you so much for that addition! that was soooo necessary!!!

Michelle said...

Yeah, you liked that? Dave and I were cracking up last night. In my defense, you were the one that wrote about your scar cream!

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