Happy Things for Thursday

04 February 2010
  • We're getting snow!  Oh, it isn't a lot, just 2-4 inches expected, but we're down 6 or so inches for the year and I miss it.  The rest of the eastern half of the country is supposed to get much more.  Lucky.
  • Pregnancies!  {Not mine! Ha.}  Two of my good friends have announced pregnancies recently and I couldn't be happier for them.
  • Scrabble on Facebook.  Amy & I are addicted.  Pretty much right up to the line on whether we should join a support group.  So we play, game after game.  With a hit of Word Twist thrown in the mix.  Oh yeah.
  • I got a much needed brow wax yesterday.  I'm a freak about my eyebrows.  I like them to have shape and not be too thin and not look like I need to draw them on, but compliment my eyes nicely.  {I know... it's the only area of my life that I am high maintenance.}  I had to give up on my usual girl after years of going to her and have been on a mad search to find someone I loved equally.  Well, I saw Tristan before our trip to California and again yesterday.  I'm in love.  LOVE.  She is fantastic.  Local girls, I'll be happy to pass along her info, just shoot me an email.
  • The Superbowl is this weekend and while I'm not a big pro-ball fan, I love the advertising.  Fingers crossed for a good crop of commercials this year.  This might call for a pot of turkey chili. 
  • Tomorrow is another installment of Elise from the Attic!  I think I *may* look forward to these posts more than anyone.  Tomorrow also brings the winner of the fun 80s book!  I realize that I didn't put a time on it, so let's say you have until 6 pm {EST} on Friday to enter.
  • EIGHT more days & I can not wait!!!

Tell me something happy in your world today!

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Emily said...

B's back to work! Likely for awhile! It doesn't get much happier than that around our house.

Oh, and my mom offered to take W overnight on Valentine's Day. I don't really care that it's on V-Day, but I always love me a night off!

And I just found the cutest V-Day treats that I really want to make for...um...I don't know who for, but I want to make them. You and the boys might end up with a plate. :-)

It's a happy day in my life.

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