Snowed In.

09 February 2010

I've been waiting for snow all winter.  We were 9 inches down for the snow count this season and I've missed it. 

I know, I'm weird.  I'm ok with that.

I started my day with a message.  The arrival of a new baby.  It brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.  Her name is Lindsey and her Mama is amazing.

I've decided I want to start all my days with the arrival of new babies and the promise of snow.

Schools were cancelled before a flake of snow hit the ground.  My sister arrived with donuts and six movies.

We have been snuggled in with a pot of stew, buttery biscuits, and hot chocolate... the real kind, made with cream and vanilla bean and melted dark chocolate. 

Tomorrow, we play.  Finn is so excited.  And I am too.


Elise said...

i'm BEYOND jealous :( i wish i was snuggled in the house watching movies and drinking hot chocolate with you all...instead i literally cried the entire way to class in a blizzard with the most painful cramps. to make it worse i had to wear jeans to class because no sweats were clean. i want to come home!!!

SugarBritches said...

I love snow too! But of course we never get hardly any. Even though some is in the forecast this weekend it never sticks for more than a day. If we get any I'll takes pics. It'll be like Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Snow in Arkansas. No shit!

Michelle said...

Well Ash, make a visit up here! Poor Monty has disappeared every time he goes out, the snow is as high as he is!

Lisey, we'll be down for a visit soon. Love you bunches and bunches.

Lori said...

Aw, thanks for mentioning Lindsey and I!!!

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