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19 February 2010
Never fear, there might be a bonus Elise from the Attic for you this afternoon, but I gave her a pass this week if she needs it. I know you all love her neurotic collegy tendancies to brighten your Fridays, but girlie is swamped and still laptop-less.

Did you love the Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Oreos?  Here is a fabulous cake from Baked NYC {via Amy Atlas} that would be right up your alley!

I am entering this contest over at Maddycakes Muse.  You should too, there are great prizes!  Michelle is one of my regular reads and it's a great party planning site to check out even if you don't enter.  I can't wait to share my entry with everyone... you just have to wait a couple more days, it should be up Sunday evening.  And this is turning out to be a little adventure too.

And you... leave a comment for me with a link to your favorite post this week.  It can be a post from your blog or from one of your favorite blog reads.  



Amy said...

I checked out the aforementioned contest. The macarons are becoming less of a mystery. :)

Amy said...

p.s. The main reason I came here was to here to read Elise's goodness. Not that I don't love your posts, but come on...Elise is great! :)

Unknown said...

Sea salt covered oreos?

Holy crap, how have I lived this long without those? My life is about to get a whole lot better!


Unknown said...

I thought your sea salt choc covered oreos looked heavenly!!!

have a great weekend Michelle

belles♥mom said...

Everything looks amazing, you're so unbelievably talented! I especially LOVED the Ratatouille inspired kids table, absolutely adorable!!

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