24 February 2010
I nap.

I'm a napper. 

Snuggling up under the flannel sheets, down comforter, & room darkening blinds closed up tightly.

Pretty sure I should be a genius according to Life Hacker.

It doesn't say anything about then being up until 2 am randomly dorking around on the internet.

How do you feel about naps?


SugarBritches said...

Ugh, I love love love a nap but rarely, actually pretty much never get to indulge in one. I'm on from 6am until 9pm when I fall fast asleep.

But whenever I get really lucky and catch one, it is oh so delicious.

I'm just jealous. You are a genius AND you get to take naps. Don't have more kids if you're really attached to that siesta.

Emily said...

I love them and take them whenever I can. Which is probably why I never get anything done around the house - I spend all of my free time while the baby is napping doing some napping of my own.

Stephanie said...

uh i took 2 today...shhhh

siriusbstudio said...

I wish I could enjoy naps, I really do. However, I always wake up as Cranky McBitchyPants afterwards. Bad news...

Stacey said...

Huge lover of naps!!! Like one of my favorite pass times, lol. Which is why I could be getting more done & I don't due to almost daily naps! Oh you said cuddled up in covers & with my lil guy is well worth it : )

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