Finnegan's 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

25 February 2010

Disney Cars Birthday Party
This year Finnegan's obsession with the movie Cars led to his party idea.  We tossed around the ideas of a superhero {since he loves his superhero cape} and an animal/zoo party which we will likely do next year when they are old enough to enjoy running around the zoo a little more.  There really wasn't even an option here, he loves Lightening McQueen and his buddies so he's going to be thrilled to walk into a room filled with race car stuff.  My challenge {one that I'm ready to tackle} is to keep the licensed products to a minimum and make it more interesting/fun than buying some Cars plates and slapping them out.  I'm finding that a little creativity is going a long way in creating a Cars feel without having Lightening & Mater pasted all over everything.  Maybe more Route 66 and less Disney?

Any and all ideas are MORE than welcome!

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lo said...

My 6 year old brother has a Cars room- he's a big fan too. He has an awesome stoplight lamp that is really fun and racing stripes all around the room.

Other random ideas:
Tire treads on the floor leading to the snack/ cake area.
"Sponsor patches" or race-car numbered t-shirts.
Cover the juiceboxes with paper so it looks like an oil can.

That's all I can think of but I can't wait to see what you come up with, your parties are always awesome!

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