Lyndsey Marie

16 October 2009

People of the internet, this is my sister Lyndsey.  She is hilarious and only yesterday laughed for 20 minutes straight while getting Finnegan to say things like "chill Mama" and "jive turkey" in between gasps for air from cracking up.  She is a total freak of nature.  And wonderfully lovely.  And beautiful.  And ridiculously fun to be around and just about the kindest soul I have ever met.  And if I had a million dollars or even ten grand to blow, I would take her back to this very spot {that doesn't even exist anymore except in our minds} and I would celebrate with her and dance and drink copious amounts of rum in that little shack on the beach in St Martin.  Because she deserves it.  Today she is 31.  Please leave a comment here to wish her all of the birthday amazingness she so richly deserves.

Happy Birthday Lynds.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey! Hope your 31st year is a great one. I made some tough decisions in my own 31st year, but it turned out to be one of the best years of my life. I wish you the same!

And, if you guys make it back to St. Martin...maybe, just maybe I could tag along? :)

Kimi said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope your sis has a fabulous one!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Lyndsey!

Sending imaginary copious amounts of rum your way.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Lynds. Everything your sister wrote about you is SO true! Hope your 31st birthday is the best one yet!

Elise said...

i love your birthday blogs the best!

HAAAAAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY LYNDDDDDDDDSEY MARIE ( favorite sister ;)) i loveeeeeeee you

Debbie said...

You guys sound like you have the best relationship! I hope she had a great birthday.

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