12 October 2009
You know that glowy feeling you get when you’re 33 and you get carded? Even when you’re toddler is with you and you’re purchasing THREE bottles of wine? I wasn’t purchasing the wine because of the toddler {mostly}, but I digress. She CARDED me! Granted, Trader Joes probably has a policy of carding everyone under 60 or something, but still. I giggled and hurriedly began looking through my wallet to find my drivers license.

Where is it? Crap. Where did I put it? Whew. There it is. I pulled it out and handed it to the cashier who looked like she was twelve. She gave it a quick glance and handed it back to me. She had figured out in the 60 seconds of me giddily looking for my id that I was in fact probably as old as her mother. Damn. "Wait a minute, can I see that again?" Yesss… she is rethinking that whole mom thing and has decided I could be her hot older sister! "Your license is expired and in the state of Michigan we can not sell alcohol to someone with an expired license. Yep, see it expired in April of 2009."

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shiiit. "Umm, I’ll be right back, lemmejustgoget my husband. He’s in the car."  Shit. I hurriedly ran, with the toddler in tow, out of THE most crowded Trader Joes in the history of man. I KNEW I shouldn’t break my rule of never coming to Ann Arbor ever during football season. {A matter of principle! Go Bucks.} Why did I even stop here? We were an hour late leaving! Oh right, Zingerman’s bakery was the reason we stopped here... and wine. Copious amounts of Two Buck Chuck. Dave is going to laugh at me. I mean when did I let this happen? How did this happen? When did I become THAT mom?

He maybe mentioned mommy brain seventy bajillion times, but he paid the bill and we got the heck out of Dodge. All I could think as we were leaving was how I was now going to have to blog about being made to take my driver’s test again. Ooooh wait, I still have like 5 days until it has been 6 full months. Maybe there is a chance I won’t have to take my test again? 
So... how was YOUR weekend?


Ashley said...


Mine expires on my birthday and don't think I won't be counting it down until I can get a new one cause the current picture is horrid.

But on a side note. Yay for wine! And have I mentioned I live in a dry county? And that my house is dry of wine right now. Woe is me.

Michelle said...

Ash, Wine is NOT something you should ever run out of! Get thee to the store STAT.

Kimi said...

Ick! I seriously hope you don't have to re-take the exam. At this point I'm certain I've forgotten most of the actual laws of the road.

Ashley said...

The "store" is exactly 95 miles away.

We are only 4 miles from a beer store (Oklahoma line) but they don't sell wine or liquor there.

Michelle said...

@Ash That hurts my wine loving soul.

@Kimi There is no way I would pass. I'm going tomorrow morning to get it renewed and get a photo taken. I think because it's within the 6 month limit, I should be in the clear.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh no. I love getting carded as well. It will be a said day when they stop doing it, but I'm happy for people to still think I'm in my teens.

Thank god your hubby was in the car to bail you out.

I had a super busy weekend! Working on my sister's room revamp.

Ah exhausting!

Sharon said...

Oh boy, that is a GOOD one!

Dave said...

I am OH-SO-GLAD I don't have to drive Ms. Daisy around or teach driver's ed :)

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