Labor Day.

06 September 2010

Ahhh long weekends.  They’re fun aren’t they?

I love having my husband home because I can nap for three hours in the middle of the day and he watches Finn I love spending time with him.

So, I’m catching up on all my blog reading and there are all these great photos of everyone’s long weekend and what do I have to show for ours?  Nada.  Not one picture of anything fun and believe me we did fun stuff.  A lot of stuff and not one picture. 

Friday night my sister Elise came home from UK and we had an impromptu cookout in our back yard.  I don’t think she showered for the event and after six hours in the car by herself, she probably could have used one.  There were burgers and soccer playing and lots of sitting around with glasses of wine and talking about how cold we were.  Yes, COLD!  The weather has turned fall-ish, but since we’re in Ohio and last week was unbearably hot, I’m not holding my breath or breaking out the winter sweaters just yet.

Saturday we did stuff around the house, but sitting here Monday I’m not seeing really any of the progress we made.  It still looks as if a pack of wild dogs tore through here and left toys and a bunch of junk in their wake. 

Saturday night we did dinner with the inlaws where I had the absolute worst steak of my life and the best pasta of my life all in the same sitting.  I’m not usually a sender-backer but this literally was cooked to perfection and yet the toughest cut of meat I’ve ever had.  They brought me a lovely bowl of pasta in its place that I am still dreaming of two days later.  How is it possible to have a best and worst meal from the same place in the same night?

Sunday we spent the day at my aunt’s for a 30th birthday cookout for my cousin.  Myles and Finn rode around on the death trap Artic Cat, played more soccer, and got into a few tussles while we sat around eating and talking politics. 

And today.  Today I took that midday three hour nap and we piddled.  We wasted an entire day just relaxing and doing little things around the house. 

Wholly relaxing and great weekend.  What did you do?


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I just realized that I took hardly any pictures this weekend. My mom was in town for my birthday and it's just the type of trip that begs for photos. Darnit.

@JessEsco said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend! We didn't do much but lots of hanging out. Much needed!

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

I spent Labor Day around a fire- I'm in Ohio too (Cleveland) and it is getting seriously chillly.
Sometimes the best weekends are just spent relaxing.

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