Spooktacular Spider Web Pancakes

24 September 2010
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We dyed our pancake batter black to make spooky Halloween shaped pancakes.   Then pop the batter into a plastic squeeze bottle and start drawing!  Don’t forget the spiders to go on the web.
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Oooooh spooky!
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AnnMarie said...


Samantha said...

Michelle - I wish I just had an ounce of your creativity! I hope I remember these when Roxy gets big enough to enjoy them.

Lorie said...


MommyLisa said...

Williams Sonoma used to have this chocolate pancake mix...That would work GREAT for this too. hmmmm.

Alexis said...

Oh my, I am gonna have to do this :)

Meg said...

Stop!!! So wonderful, so marvelous I can't even stand it. Finnegan is going to have so many fun and creative memories as he grows up!

Thought Sorting said...

This is such a great, not to mention EASY idea! I love it. I actually went to the grocery store to get a squeeze bottle so we could do these on Saturday and, booo :( they didn't have any. What the heck! Should have just gone to the ole dollar store! Yum, Yum, Mom!


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