20 September 2010

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Allow me to introduce you to my new found friend, the Jonagold apple.  Honeycrisp be damned, there’s a new {old} apple in town.  I am up to my eye balls in apples people.  I have half a bushel of a few varieties, including my new beloved Jonagold, so what should I do with them?  I need ideas people.  Applesauce is already on the list.  Even more bonus points if you can find some recipes that use apples for non-dessert items.  Maybe an apple stuffed pork loin?

I am also up to my eyeballs in vanilla-almond cookies, enough I think to get me an honorary Delta-Zeta award.  I’m remaking the turtle cut out cookies so Elise can lie and tell her little that she made them.  This week they give their littles a gift each day, so off to Lexington the cookies will go tomorrow morning to arrive just in time for her end of the week.  I also *may* have made a little mini surprise for the rest of the house… somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 girls.

So needless to say, between the apples and the cookies, I am a Monday mess.

How was your weekend?  I mostly want to know so I can procrastinate on these cookies… I mean, I really really love you guys and hope your weekend was fab.

PS.  Can everyone please oooh and ahhh over Dave’s apple picture?  He shot it in manual and he’s all proud that it isn’t blurry {like most of his people pictures from our apple picking adventure} isn’t it appley?


Elise said...

First of all, I love you, you ass kicking cookie making monster. Ashley's uncle died yesterday though :( so she's home until Thursday/Friday meaning she'll be getting all of her presents in those two days. Also, I have this slight obsession with reading your blog these days, don't really know why, guess I miss you or something along those mushy lines or it could be that it allows me to procrastinate from what I should be doing...anyay, if your views have increased greatly, I hate to rain on your appley happiness, but it's just me checking for a new post every ten minutes. Sorry :)

MommyLisa said...

REALLY? Jonagold over Honeycrips? I may have to taste test on Boo Boo and my trip to the Apple Farm. ;)

Mommara said...

Ooo I am a honeycrisp fan so I might have to try a Jonagold. Hmmm. Great pic hubby. :)

Stacey said...

Love the pic, I'm far from being able to shot well or know what I'm doing in manual on my new SLR!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Actually, my first thought was that that picture was amazing! :-)

Homemade applesauce? Soooo good warm with extra cinnamon...


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