Petoskey + Traverse City

21 September 2010

You can see the first part of our Michigan adventure when I run crying and hide while my husband makes me cross the Mackinac Bridge.  And now the fun continues.

We drove from Mackinaw City through Bay Harbor to Petoskey where we stopped for lunch.  We went to the grocery and picked up a bunch of things to have a picnic so that Finn could run around and play.

Um.  I want to have lunches like this and have Finn play here every day.   This is a park I could sit at all afternoon and Finn was in heaven.  Can you imagine how peaceful it would be to just hang out right on the lake all the time?

mackinac & traverse 093

mackinac & traverse 097

mackinac & traverse 095

We drove around a bit while deciding what we wanted to do for lunch and cuteness abounds in Petoskey.  I’m pretty sure I want to move there or at the very least vacation there often, which is lucky since it’s only about a six hour drive.  Gorgeous.

And then we were off to Traverse City.

 A room right on the lake.  Dave made fantastic burgers with avacado + cheddar and we enjoyed the sunset on the dock… please ignore the fact that I looked like death warmed over.  We were enjoying the pretty sunset damn it.  I can’t look brilliant at all times.

mackinac & traverse 106

mackinac & traverse 116

A trip to Old Mission Lighthouse.  The boys made the trek to the top while I made sure the beach was still there.

mackinac & traverse 125

Still there.  Still breathtaking.

mackinac & traverse 148

mackinac & traverse 153

And an obligatory picture for Aunt Lisey with some crazy ass hair thanks to the wind.

mackinac & traverse 164

And then it was lunch at Bad Dog Deli.

mackinac & traverse 167

And on to Grand Rapids to spend an fantastic evening with friends.  I can’t believe we didn’t take a single photo the entire time we were there.  There must have been too much laughing, talking, gourmet pizza eating, watching Finn pretend he was Buzz Lightyear for the 29249 time, and hanging out with great friends.  It was a fantastic end to our Michigan adventure.

Y’all deserve a medal if you’ve made it all the way through our vacation slides without losing your mind.


Jen said...

Parks on the lake (and beaches and sand dunes and pretty much everything else about the lake other than the lake effect snow) are the best part about West MI. One day I will convince you guys to stay for a whole weekend so that I can show you the fun parts of GR instead of just my backyard. :)

Just A Normal Mom said...

I want to go! It looks fantastic!


Mommara said...

How fun. My brother used to live in Grand Rapids. He loved it there. Love the picture for Linsey.

MommyLisa said...

We went there with my parents and the older two when I was pregnant. I had SOOO much fun jumping in the waves at the dunes.

BTW. I found this for you - I have never had sunchokes - but the fennel and apple combo sounds great!

Elise said...

HA!!! the crazy hair makes it even more of a picture meant for me! :) glad you guys got to get away and have some fun!

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

Petoskey and Traverse are two of my favorite areas! Next time you head north, keep going over the bridge and head west on Route 2 (drink a couple shots for courage before the bridge, if you must). The drive along Lake Michigan is gorgeous, and seeing the U.P. is well worth it. Drive an hour or so west, and stay at Interlaken resort on Manistique Lake. (Don't know if I was able to provide the link here, but you can find it on my blog site.)

Elise said...

PS. WHY IS MY NEPHEW SO DAMN ADORABLE? it sure makes this whole out of college thing a pain. and he's totally got a baby bowl cut going on in the past picture.

belles♥mom said...

Aww I didn't know you went to Petoskey, that's where my great grandparents used to live. I totally agree it is AMAZINGLY beautiful there, ya gotta love it. They also have a great art fest right on the water in the Spring/Summer, you would love it!

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