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19 January 2010
We are by far NOT the greenest household on the block.  We have old {leaky} windows, we run too many loads of laundry, we keep trying, but we've yet to break our paper towel habit, and until a few weeks ago we didn't have a dishwasher.  We're not perfect.  But we do try to buy local, we take bags to the grocery, we do a little gardening, we compost, and we recycle.  Baby steps.

One baby step that we love is our re-usable coffee filter.  We are a coffee drinking household, a pot, sometimes two each day.  Several years ago we came across a reusable coffee filter and were intrigued.  We haven't looked back. As a highly conservative estimation, we've saved at least 1,000 coffee filters.  So explore the possibilities, won't you?  Sure, it's just a small thing, but small things lead to big things and that works for me!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting! I've never heard of a reusable coffee filter. I'm not a coffee drinker but DH is, so it would be worth checking out.

michele said...

totally checking this out. with as much coffee as we drink, we could probably save a small forest single-handedly.

familymgrkendra said...

I bought a small 4cup Coffeemaker for DH from Walgreens and it actually came with a reusable coffee filter!! It is a great thing!

'Becca said...

That mesh is metal, right? I have one like that. I previously had a plastic mesh one, and while it did a good job filtering, I always was a little worried about whether chemicals from the plastic were getting into the coffee.

We now have a percolator, which is all stainless steel and makes great coffee!

Did you know most types of plants like coffee grounds? Just put them on top of the soil. It makes the plants perky! And it takes that wet, messy stuff out of your garbage--but of course, putting coffee grounds in the compost works, too.

Until you kick that paper towel habit, you can compost your paper towels that don't have meat, milk, or chemicals on them.

Swistle said...

I totally agree about the little steps thing. I can be kind of perfectionistic, thinking basically that if I'm not doing EVERYTHING I COULD DO I shouldn't do anything at all. But of course the small things totally add up, and also motivate me to do MORE small (and even big) things.

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