Video Game & Board Game Cupcakes

07 January 2010
Have you seen this?  100 Cupcakes depicting the best board games and video games.  You can mouse over the question marks on the side to see which game each cupcake belongs to.  Here are my faves...

{All photos from Steel Head Studio}

So head over to check it out for yourself.  If I was half as creative I would re-create some of these for our first game night of the year this weekend.  Alas, I am not.  Absolutely awesome job Robin!

PS  How many did YOU guess correctly?


Adrianne said...

ZOMG, those are so cute... especially the intricate ones like Scrabble. My fave was Quarters. It would be funny to serve it with a tiny bit of beer in the little cup. Flip Cup would have been a good one to include, too! Haha.

Here are some more I've always liked, with similar themes:


june at noon said...

Pretty cool. My cousin has started cake decorating and would probably really like these. I'm always amazed at how much detail they can put in those things!

Michelle said...

I know June! I don't have the patience for all the detail. Or the baking. I'm good with the eating though.

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