Hair Extensions, Kid Rock, Lesbian Dreams & Party Bread: A Baby Shower.

31 December 2009

Y'all {allow me to channel Ash for a moment} I have the BEST friends in the world.  I mean, I really do.  You know about the besties already.  {And I got to see the fun one this week for the first time in FORever.}  But let me tell you my dirty little secret.  I have internet friends.  Oh yes... in addition to my bloggy BFF Ash, I have a wonderful group of girls that I met while wedding planning and we've remained friends ever since.  Hear me out... it may have been an unconventional way of meeting, but these girls I talk to on a daily basis, they are my sanity, they make me laugh till I want to pee my pants, and they are there to listen and {mostly} not pass judgement when one of us does something assinine.  They are my warm and fuzzies and I think they are freaking fabulous.

Two of the girls are pregnant with their first babies and due within weeks of each other.   We're a baby making bunch, let me tell ya.  There are currently three others {that we know of} who are also pregnant & one has a newborn.  Loads of babymaking juju going on, some *cough* {Noelle has FOUR!} *cough* more than others.

And I know I promised pics, but I was having too much fun with those girls to take them.  It's ok if you want to nominate me as the worst.  blogger.  ever.  I can take it.

That really is the problem with good parties or dinners or whatnot.  You get caught up in the laughing about hearing Kid Rock one minute and Dixie Chicks or disco the next.  You force hugs on certified non-huggers, mostly because you don't get to see them enough, but a little to make them squirmy from the love too.  You get to hang out with your husband's work girlfriend who is hilarious and talks about things that should be wrong to say out loud, but are so funny that you want to pee your pants a little... and you also want to hate her just a little because she is a skinny freaking minnie, but she's too nice to hate and you actually like her.  You marvel at the fact that everyone was having a great hair day except for you.  {Why does that always seem to happen?}  But then you feel a little better when one of the girls proclaims her hair is totally FAKE.  What?!?!  So then you're forced to think about getting your own fake hair until someone points out that you would look like Crystal Gayle and you laugh some more.  You touch baby bellies and make a guessing game of Lori's belly called penis or not and analyze the merits and pitfalls of finding out vs not finding out.  {We're right down the middle on that one.  Some of us are control freaks and some like surprises.}  You eat Emily's party bread until you want to burst, but it is so good that you just.  can't.  stop.  Oh the garlicy, cheesy goodness.  And then your husband comes home with your toddler who hasn't eaten dinner, with a bandaid stuck to his face looking like a CRAZY person and you wonder what he's really been up to all night.

I'm not going to lie, Bunny & Thor's Mama, it warms my heart to shower you with love and weirdness and friendship and laughter and craziness, because that is exactly what you give in return.  So many blessings on both of you as you begin the insanity that we call motherhood.


Amy said...

Sounds like a fun party. Congrats to the moms-to-be!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was thinking how great the Work Wife's hair looked! I had a blast and I'm sort of glad I forgot to tell you all about the lesbian dreams until last night! ;)

Emily said...

Wait, who has fake hair? I missed that convo.

Oh, and the turtles in the favor boxes were AWESOME. They made a great breakfast this morning.

Peanut2211 said...

Where is the group shot??

Lori said...

Ok, the last few lines made me cry! Don't make me emotional, that just makes Bunny bitchy, haha! Ahh, last night was a blast! Thanks again, you ladies are awesome!

I 2nd the turtles make a great breakfast!

Michelle said...

Emily, Pea is the one with the fake hair!!!

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